Our Caregiver Requirements

SEI Healthcare" We had two primary objectives when we started SEI Healthcare...first, to provide better service than any other company in this business, and second, to ensure that our Caregivers are trained, experienced, and meticulously pre-screened.  The success of SEI Healthcare can be attributed to hiring and retaining the best Caregivers in the field of non-medical home care." Beau Brothers, Founder

Compassionate Caregivers

SEI Healthcare's Caregivers are trained in the common diseases of today's seniors...Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Pulmonary Disease, Alzheimer's, Dementia.

The care they provide our seniors is put into perspective on a personal level when they are asked to place themselves in the shoes of someone who needs assistance getting in/out of a shower, to be reminded to eat or take their medications, or to be aware of their continence needs.

They perform their duties from the perspective of COMPASSION and DIGNITY.

Hiring Caregivers

All employees undergo an extensive interview and application process. SEI Healthcare's caregivers must have at least one year of verifiable caregiving experience and/or have attained a CNA or other caregiving-related degree. CNAs must have at least six months of verifiable caregiving experience to qualify.

SEI Healthcare processes a thorough background check including a criminal background check, abuse registry and sexual abuse registry checks. We verify the residence(s) of each caregiver for the previous seven years, as we are looking for stability in our staff. If a caregiver provides transportation, a Motor Vehicle Report is precessed to ensure the reliability of their driving skills.

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SEI Healthcare also provides in-home services to

  • Veterans
  • post-surgical patients
  • pregnant women
  • those in need of transportation to appointments

We are on call to supply on-site assistance in HOSPITAL and ASSISTED LIVING settings throughout Tennessee.

SEI Healthcare has become one of the most noted and awarded non-medical homecare companies in Tennessee

  • providing the highest levels of compassionate home care
  • understanding that our Clients' input regarding the assistance they need is of utmost importance

The standards of care that we strive to attain with each of our Clients are the highest in our field and 16 years caring for and assisting the Senior Community of Tennessee has allowed us to prove we have the ultimate standards in providing our trusted, tried and true CULTURE OF CARING!